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What are the benefits of alt?

alt. is the solution for anyone looking to switch from combustible cigarettes. 1. Accessibility. alt. is available in a growing number of stores throughout New Zealand, not just at specialist vape shops. In most places you buy cigarettes you can now

How long does a pod last?

A pod lasts approximately the same amount of puffs as 1.5 packs of cigarettes.

What are the ingredients in alt. pods?

alt. is simply propylene glycol, vegetable glyerin, nicotine if you choose that option and flavours. alt. flavours are carefully formulated to be free from diacetyl, acetyl propenol and pudelone. We do not use Vitamin E in our e-liquid.

How long does an alt. battery last?

The battery lasts approximately 1 day. However, if you need to charge the device simply plug in the micro USB cable!

What type of testing have you completed with the alt. device?

All lithium ion batteries used in alt. devices undergo electrical testing to ensure they are of the highest quality. alt. Batteries have safety functionality including overcharge protection, auto shut-off, and low voltage protection. alt. is complian

What are your manufacturing standards?

Manufacturing processes are essential to quality control. Our devices are assembled, and our e-liquids are formulated, under the gold standard of global manufacturing - GMP. alt. devices are compliant to medical devices standards of quality ISO 13485

Why should we trust your e-liquid formulation?

E-liquid is one of the most critical component of an electronic cigarette from a safety perspective as this is what is inhaled. Ingredients: alt. e-liquids only use ingredients approved through the most advanced vaping safety standards in the world -