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My alt. is not producing vapourUpdated a year ago

If your alt. is not producing vapour it is important to identify whether the issue is due to the alt. pod or the alt. device.

Firstly, check to see if the light on your alt. is still lighting up when you drag.

Light is still working

Please try another alt. pod. If the device now works properly the alt. pod was faulty.

Light is not working

If the light is not glowing when you inhale make sure you have charged the device.

Please check inside where the alt. pod fits into the device to ensure there is nothing inside the device stopping the contacts from making a connection with the pod.

If there is nothing inside the device stopping the connection, try cleaning the bronze contacts on the pod and the device with isopropyl alcohol and a cotton bud.

If the device is charged, contacts are clean and still not lighting up when you drag please contact customer service.

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